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  1. Hello Bloggers!

    June 9, 2014 by mrspapazoglou

    First Task:


    Before you post information we would like you to have a think about feedback and commenting appropriately to someone else blog.

    The fantastic thing about the internet is that you can access a wide audience and receive feedback and comments from lots of different people. Constructive feedback can help you grow enormously but hurtful comments can set you back.

    Remember that as learners we need to have some guidelines and an etiquette that we follow in order to respect everyone online just as we do in real life and also that we protect each other’s privacy and safety.

    We also need to be resilient and learn to be stronger individuals that learn from mistakes and challenges.

    Activity: Post a comment about your thoughts here or give feedback to students in 8D who have had a class blog running for nearly a year.

    Why blog? The internet has enabled us to self publish and share our interests with a wider audience. Some of the topics and skills you might cover as you construct your class blog include:

    1. Review your favourite books and authors.
    2. Post about Author Visits. If you are in year 7 tell us about Oliver Phommavanh’s presentation or in year 8 tell us about Simon Higgins.
    3. Share information about topics that interest you.
    4. Link information and embed other content you create on websites such as book trailers using Animoto, digital stories using Storybird and avatars using Voki.
    5. Post and read other students’ blogs.
    6. Learn how to use digital technologies appropriately, safely and responsibly.
    7. Refine your digital skills.
    8. Add multimedia to enhance your blog.
    9. Comment appropriately on your friends’ blogs
    10. Connect with a global audience.

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